Photoplay Books–Almost as Expensive as Making a Movie!

Who can afford to collect photoplays these days? I checked out a link that ABE sent me. It has a super page full of gorgeous dust jacketed books representing early cinema. Most novels made into films at the time were called photoplays, and published by Grosset and Dunlap, a company known for producing reprints of … Read more

Condition, Shelving, Identifying, and Evaluating First Editions

Coming from a smaller venue where the books were mostly paperbacks and the space limited,  to being seated behind a huge desk in a beautifully appointed room was a little bit of a jolt. The amount of employees was tripled,  with two floors of stock, a shipping department, and rare expensive titles in an unlocked … Read more

I Finally Got The Plumley Inheritance!

If you’re thinking a relative of mine died and left me a fortune, sadly, no. But almost as valuable, an edition of a book I’ve been searching for over 15 years is now in my excited hands. The Plumley Inheritance is incredibly scarce. The author, Christopher Bush is not a favorite of mine–not at all. … Read more

Heaven is a Sublime Used Bookshop

I visited one of my favorite spots today. And in the future  will be interviewing the owners and writing up a profile of this wonderful bookshop, but for now, I wanted to share the delicious experience of meandering, chatting, discovering and luxuriating in the midst of books books books. Located on the main street  historical … Read more