Book Cover Design

A fellow approached the register with a stack of books last week and the strange assortment of titles provoked me to wonder. What peculiar circumstances had led this man to such incompatible books? I don’t even remember which books they were now, but it turned out that the explanation was the exactly what you would … Read more

Facsimile Dust Jackets–Good Idea for Used Bookshops?

  There are thousands of old books out there minus their original dust jackets. Some are first editions, some are not. There are a few talented people who work at restoring the original book covers, front, back, and flaps. Why should used bookshops be interested? A book that is in fairly decent condition and found … Read more

Books in plain brown wrappers

Once upon a time, if you wanted a “certain kind of book” you had to go to a certain kind of shop or order from a catalog and wait for a package in a plain brown wrapper to arrive.  With the internet, the doors have been thrown wide open and people can find any kind of book they want and have it delivered to them… for a price.  And the price for vintage erotica is often VERY high for a tiny little paperback in awful condition.

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