The Best 100 Mysteries of All Time–Ten More Titles

The Best 100 Mysteries of All Time–10 Titles-Number 2


 Stone Quarry—  S. J. Rozan  1999-St. Martin’s Press-IP


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Billy DeadLisa Reardon–Viking Publishers-1998–IP


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Murder Between the CoversElaine Viets–2003—-IP


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Hide in the DarkFrances Noyes Hart–1929–OOP–but inexpensive copies are abundantly available


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Liars and Tyrants and People Who Turn BlueBarbara Paul–1980-Doubleday-OOP


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Roll Over and Play DeadJoan Hess–1991–St. Martin’s Press-used

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Serial Killer DaysDavid Prill-1996—St. Martin’s Press–available

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  Murder a la RichelieuAnita Blackmon–1937–Doubleday Crime Club–OOP

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PanamaEric Zency–1995–Farrar, Straus and Giroux–IP

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The Desert Moon Mystery —Kay Cleaver Stahan–1928-used


The Secret Beyond the Door-(original title: Museum Piece No.13)–Rufus King–1946

Doubleday Crime Club–OOP–(pictured is reprint with movie characters on cover.)–Used

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 The Innocent Mrs. DuffElizabeth Sanxay Holding–1946-used

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The criteria for selection:

I must have read all 100. Funny as that sounds, there are many who will vote for something they have been told is the ‘best’, without having read said book. I’ve read a great many crime novels in my life, some people read less, some more.

I choose to ignore the obvious suspects, or some, at least. No Agatha Christie, no Dorothy L. Sayers, no Sherlock Holmes. Reason? I don’t like Christie, so have read very little; I’ve read all of Sayers and though enjoyed them, nothing stood out for *me*. Sherlock? He bores me. OK, Sherlockians, don’t have a cow. I’m not denying the importance of these three writers within the literary world, nor that they are considered the best of the best. I researched, dated, determined print status, and found images for this list, therefore it bears my choices, and as appalling it may be to some to leave out the royalty of soft boiled, it makes sense to me.

The most important criteria for this list:

The selection must be one or a combination of  the following–unusual, intriguing, thought provoking, fascinating, extraordinary, puzzling, charming, gritty, humorous, astonishing, perplexing, surprising, rich characterizations, creepy, frightening, and/or gobsmacking!

And no, not all crime fiction have the above. Few come close. That’s why the list. There are 40 living writers within the inventory. The titles stretch from the 20s to last year. It took me over a week to dredge my brain for those titles that affected me more than others. I added, deleted, remembered some after I’d numbered. I switched their ratings over and over–in short, I took this very seriously. Many will be givens. Many will be familiar. Some will be recognized but not familiar. Some may never been heard of. And a few are totally obscure.

Mystery is a broad term including all the sub-genres of crime fiction, not just puzzles or private eyes.

I’ve included the date first published, the best to my ability. I may be off a year at worst.

I’ve also added a guide as to how easy or difficult it is to locate any particular title.

IP–in print

available–recently out of print but new copies still available

used–plenty of paperbacks available although the titles have been out of print

OOP–out of print–these are the toughest to find–yet there are copies out there, perhaps not as cheap or a plentiful as others.

In my insanity, I decided a short explanation for each choice was called for.

So, there you have it, my well reasoned, intellectually sound list of 100 mysteries that fooled the heck out of me!!

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