No Tricks! Halloween Crime and Mystery Books

For a person who had a Halloween themed wedding reception complete with a huge haunted house wedding cake, intricately carved Jack O’Lanterns as centerpieces, handmade masks, wax lips, candy corn, candied apples and cobwebs dangling, you’d think I would have read every mystery that has wisps of the dark day, right? Well until I decided … Read more

Hide in the Dark, An All Hallow’s Eve Mystery. Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

Hide in the Dark—Frances Noyes Hart–1929–Doubleday Doran–OOP–but inexpensive copies are abundantly available Ah, a book after my own heart! Practically everything I love is within this title. An old manor in Maryland named Lady Court with ghostly undertones, a group of Jazz Age friends called the March Hares (anything that alludes to Alice in Wonderland … Read more

The Best 100 Mysteries of All Time–Ten More Titles

The Best 100 Mysteries of All Time–10 Titles-Number 2    Stone Quarry—  S. J. Rozan  1999-St. Martin’s Press-IP   To read a synopsis go here:           Billy Dead—Lisa Reardon–Viking Publishers-1998–IP   To read a synopsis of the book go here:       Murder Between the Covers—Elaine Viets–2003—-IP   To … Read more