Tokyo has a “bookstore hotel” where you can read, sleep and now drink

..and wouldn’t you know it, the Mrs. and I will be in Tokyo in a couple months. She tells me our accommodations are already booked! I may have to swing by to take a look anyway. – Bruce

Just be careful not to spill your drink on the pages you’re reading. Some would assert that the most comfortable way to fall asleep is by doing a little light reading after you lay your head down on the pillow. Others would say that their method of choice is drinking a relaxing nightcap before crawling into bed. Whichever side of the debate you’re on, Book and Bed Tokyo, the bookstore-themed hotel located in the city’s Ikebukuro neighborhood, is happy to accommodate you. Even though the hotel only opened in late 2015, it’s currently putting the finishing touches on a round of renovations that will add a bar to the premises.

Source: Tokyo’s “bookstore hotel” adds a bar for travelers who love reading and drinking | RocketNews24