All About Community

This past week Dianne and I got to attend the Hachette-NAIBA Open House in Manhattan. Peggy wasn’t able to attend since she was on vacation that had been planned for quite some time. There were many other independent booksellers in attendance from the region and it was helpful to hear their concerns, as well as … Read more

Shaking the Doubts

I admit that there are occasions when I wonder if my business associates and I are delusional about opening a bookstore. Fortunately, those doubts are often put to rest when I read stories like this one: “Indie Booksellers: ‘Indispensible Players in Community Life.’” There are so many great quotes in this article that remind me … Read more

Meet 3 Seasoned Booksellers

So who are these three women eager to bring a bookstore to Rockville Centre, which is on the South Shore of Long Island? Peggy, Dianne and Carol think it’s important to let their patrons know why they are the ones to bring Turn of the Corkscrew, Books & Wine to such a perfect community. Meet … Read more