My $0.02 on Amazon/Hachette

I am very late to getting up to speed on the Amazon/Hachette dispute. I apologize in advance to those for whom this post will elicit a giant Duh. Until a few months ago, I was a clueless civilian. Today, I still only have in stock approximately 100 titles and a handful of puzzles, selling at a farmers market … Read more

What Does a Bookseller Do?

I hope the readers of the Bookshop Blog can help me out here. What is a bookseller’s job description, especially when the bookstore has a staff of one? Because I have young children, I try to limit my work days to Wednesday-Friday, which are the days my elder daughter is at day camp. By the time … Read more

An introduction

Hello, Bookshop Blog readers! I am so pleased to share my journey towards opening a bookstore with you. Thanks to Bruce for having me! My name is Yooree Losordo, and I’m the owner of On the Dot Books in Dorchester, MA. Where exactly is my store? Let’s see…you can find me at the Ashmont Farmers Market on … Read more