Blood Sucking Genius

…when a woman brought in a few bags of vampire books – mostly what they are calling paranormal romance – I was more inclined to look. Obviously we’ve paid some measure of attention to Anne Rice (as she’s slowly become impossible to sell) and the Twilight books have moved rapidly in and back out of the shop, but I was completely unprepared for how this phenomenon still has legs…

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Report from a Beantown Book & Antiques Fair

Last weekend we had a booth at the Boston Antiquarian Book &
Ephemera Fair which was part of Boston Antiques weekend.
..It’s funny that a recent post here was about optimism, because no where is the typical
bookseller’s lack of optimism more evident than at a book fair…

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Is the world ready for The Book Spider?

Clicks and bricks, bricks and clicks – people throw these around, and they
are certainly descriptive of a business that operates both real world and
virtual stores, but what they lack in practice is a true synergy between
the businesses. I know for our shop that we’re really just running two
largely parallel businesses out of the same location.

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Internet Commerce: Building a Bridge to the 20th Century

Innovation has been limited (have a look at any of the book sites via the
Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine which archives sections of the internet)- the internet is
still basically an electronic version of a print catalog, with little to
recommend it, particularly bookselling wise.

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