Edgar Night Memory

I’ve not attended an Mystery Writers Of American Edgar A. Poe awards dinner in over a decade. So this article will be strictly about those years when I did attend–from 1994 to 2001. As I’ve written before, the Edgars are the highest honor given to a crime fiction author, like the Oscars, but with far … Read more

Terrifically Sad News

One of the most erudite, funny, brilliant writers in today’s world of empty sentiments and repetitive story lines, Reginald Hill, has passed away. For those who have not read his work under his real and pen names, you have missed something very special. I was one who almost missed the boat. I attempted to read … Read more

Best 100 Mysteries of All Time—10 Titles

I’ve revamped, redone, reorganized and generally changed the way I’m going about listing and writing up the Best 100 Mysteries of All Time. Although these titles are still in the list–they no longer are numbered. I have put the entire list up, in alphabetical order, thereby keeping what book comes in at what number, undisclosed, … Read more

Pictures Of Perfection. Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

Pictures of Perfection—Reginald Hill–1994–Delacorte Press I came to Reginald Hill’s Peter Pascoe and Andy Dalziel Yorkshire detective novels late. At least 10 books worth late. For reasons that escape me now, I didn’t like his work–or put in another way, I only made it halfway through the first page of the one book I tried … Read more