Neck Deep in PODs (Publish on Demand)

An interesting article once again explores the impact of print on demand books. A offbeat attitude is displayed by the author of the article, Clive Thompson. It’s his contention that PODs will lead to *more* physical books, not less, actually he thinks in 20 years we will all be ‘neck deep’ in them. It’s what … Read more

Should a Bookshop Entertain the Idea of Self Publishing Books?

–  Self Publishing, Print-on-Demand and How Bookstores Fit In Earlier today I finished an amazing book. The Best Laid Plans, by Terry Fallis, is a Canadian book about Canadian politics. Now I’m sure for most people this sounds boring, boring2, even. But it’s not, I assure you. The Best Laid Plans is an amazing book. … Read more

An Illuminating Way To Self Publish

Just when you believe self publishing has reached its limit, along comes a bizarro format, streetlamps. Yes, only in New York City, and in particular the gentrified West Village, would someone post individual pages of his or her ‘book’. Adhered to lamp posts are a one page printed sheet, its contents the ongoing story that … Read more

Can Independent Book Dealers Benefit From 'Print on Demand'?

In December 2007, Ingram’s Lightning Source printed 1.2 million units. Yes, that’s million. The average print run was 1.8 copies. The average turnaround time was 12 hours. Now, I know that lots of us have gripes about Ingram, particularly when an order doesn’t happen quite the way we think it should.