There's a Dead Man Lounging in the Park, and Other Curious Tales From Lorry's Bookshop

Lorry’s Book Company occupied an old building where tabloid newspapers once produced copy for the masses. Apparently, it’s also a well known piece of architecture, a fact I’d not known until I looked for photos of the building online. I did realize it was quite an ancient structure, but then so are most of the … Read more

An Illuminating Way To Self Publish

Just when you believe self publishing has reached its limit, along comes a bizarro format, streetlamps. Yes, only in New York City, and in particular the gentrified West Village, would someone post individual pages of his or her ‘book’. Adhered to lamp posts are a one page printed sheet, its contents the ongoing story that … Read more

Niche Bookshops In Manhattan Inspiration for Indie Stores

A super article highlights some fantastic bookstores in NYC. I frequented quite a few while  living there, especially the superlative, Partners & Crime. Read some tidbits about why they continue to be successful.