Wonderfully Humorous Look At The Writer's Dilemma-What Are You Working On?

From the National Post by Andrew Pyper.http://arts.nationalpost.com/2011/02/03/andrew-pyper-what-are-you-working-on/Have you ever asked your favorite author what he or she was working on at the moment? If so, you’ll be interested to know the question is a quagmire of thoughts within the author’s mind. Read the article for a enlightening look at an writers’s response. The link to … Read more

Getting Boots Into Your Bookshop

Online shops and physical bookshops share some challenges and one is called traffic, getting people to actually come in the door.  Physical shops do this by being in a good location and by advertising, online shops do this with SEO.  There are many different forms of SEO, there’s all the traditional forms of SEO which … Read more

Back after a much needed break.

After a long layoff I’m back. I had deliberated a while on whether I wanted to keep this blog going or not. The main reason both for the deliberation and my recent absence is due to my moving our neighborhood bookshop from Bricks and Clicks to Clicks only. Some of you may know that I own Zeeba Books in Montreal. It was a tough decision but after nearly four years of having a terrific little Internet/Cafe/Bookstore I made the decision to return to the corporate world