Blogger Unleashed (for serious bloggers only)

This quick post has nothing to do with books, unless you count creating a blog (not unlike this one) to help promote your shop. I have a few different online projects going on and read a Lot of blogs in an attempt to get them off the ground. Many were useful, some written by guys much more informed in the ways of the web than I’ll ever be. Only one site compelled me to get involved with their blog, to truly participate. I was at first shocked by the direct-hard talking Vic Franqui but it only took me about two of his posts to realize that this was the guy I’ve been looking for. The others all seem to be speaking to the masses and like a great Rock star who makes an audience member feel like he is the person the performer is singing to, Vic seemed to be talking to me. The ‘insider tips’ that I was missing. The passion and juice to get me committed to my web work.

This post is just a big Thank You to Vic Franqui and his hold-no-punches blog called Blogger Unleashed. If you write a blog and/or have any aspirations to increase your online presence/traffic/$$ you owe yourself a visit to Vic’s site. Again this is more for hardcore bloggers or those interested in blogging/the online money making game and not so much bookselling.

Inside Joke: Caroline Middlebrook

9 thoughts on “Blogger Unleashed (for serious bloggers only)”

  1. Inside Joke: Caroline Middlebrook OMG LMAO LMAO!!!!! That was beautiful just beautiful!!! If people only knew LMAO!!!!

    Thank you so much!!


  2. I completely agree. Vic has inspired me to aim for the stars. Anyone wanting to learn the ropes of how to really make money online needs to check out Blogger Unleashed.

  3. I am a big Vic fan as well. I first discovered him in Court’s comments when he was actively pumping out the posts on His site is what changed my outlook got me to take a second look at Darren and Yaro etc. Through his site I found Griz’s blog and in all honestly, Griz’s style most closely matches what I am comfortable with. BTW, I love this theme.

  4. EC, Thanks for the comments.
    Are you part of Vic’s 100 – the Vegas contest? Your skincare site looks nice – good job.

  5. Vic is launching a cool contest with the winner joining him in Las Vegas. Should be a fun trip. I’ll let you know all about it!!

    Bruce from The Big Desk

  6. It is a great site, and a huge servce to the MMO community. Are you doing the contest too?

  7. We also follow all of Vic’s posts. He may not have much to say about opening a bookstore or where to by bookstore shelving like here but he certainly knows a lot about monetizing the Internet. He was off when suggesting all the .info’s but nobody really saw it coming (Google dissing .infos). Our site on Healing Crystals is starting to do well and it’s thanks to Vic and Grizz.

  8. FYI-for those of you who may not know, vic did start a membership site called The Affiliate Academy. It hasn’t quite opened up for membership just yet, but when it does, it should be pretty cool. Im hearing that he is debating the cost, but it will be high, because he actually wants to limit the information to only serious. Should be cool.

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