Books & Coffee: Why the Duo Works So Well

We often find that books and coffee are not too far apart from one another. Have you ever wondered why that is the case? What exactly causes this combination to be so popular? I suppose this answer could be summarized within a few words. Even if I had thought it was that simple to answer, I wouldn’t write an entire blog post about it! Personally, I’ve never had coffee, but I have had tea. Beverages like these often contain caffeine. This chemical is a big reason why coffee and reading are often found close to one another.

Coffee and Book
Coffee and book (Photo by Fernando Hernandez on Unsplash)

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The Caffeine Craze

Many of us in our day-to-day lives rely on caffeine and we don’t even realize it. Chances are if you don’t drink coffee every morning, you know someone who does. This common habit can have its origin in many different things. It may have started as a cup in the morning to keep yourself alert during the workday or you just enjoy the variety of options you can find! Whatever your reasons for enjoying coffee, the benefits of taking a sip can also be experienced while reading your favorite book!

Coffee and Book
Coffee and book (Photo by Timothy Barlin on Unsplash)

Having caffeine before reading can improve your short-term memory and increase your alertness. This allows your mind to retain more of the information you are reading, whether you are studying for your classes or simply reading for fun! A study from Johns Hopkins University shows that individuals who consumed caffeine were able to recall information more accurately than those who don’t, thus the recall response is enhanced by the effects of caffeine.

If we used a standard recognition memory task without these tricky similar items, we would have found no effect of caffeine. However, using these items requires the brain to make a more difficult discrimination—what we call pattern separation, which seems to be the process that is enhanced by caffeine in our case.

Michael Yassa, assistant professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Johns Hopkins University

The Sensory Experiences with Coffee

The smell of coffee is enough for someone to feel relaxed, and there is actually a scientific reason for that! It is thanks to the various chemicals and properties that reside within coffee. The chemicals found in this dark drink hit all the marks for scents that are deemed attractive to our senses. Scientists have even pointed to a potential conclusion that genetics can play a role in your love of the scent of coffee.

Coffee (Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)

It’s not just the smell that is hypnotizing to so many people. The flavor components are also to blame when you find yourself unable to put down that venti mocha cappuccino. Coffee and other similar drinks can be bitter, sweet, acidic, salty, and even sour! With so many flavors, it’s easy to see how this drink has become one of the world’s most-loved beverages.

Now, what does any of this have to do with books and bookstores?

The Buzz About Bookshop Cafés

It’s no coincidence that you can expect to see a cafe or coffee beans for sale in bookstores, libraries, and similar places. We now know that coffee benefits your memory and attention, and it’s understandable why many cafes would call a bookshop their home. It’s only natural to want to sell your product in/near an area that benefits from that product, right?

Cafe Table
Cafe Table (Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash)

Various people are sure to benefit from the ease of convenience of picking up a cup of java while there are new books to explore. If there is a university nearby, students who are enrolled may need a quick boost while cramming for a test and could stop by. You may even stop by to peruse through the aisles to try and find a new favorite story. Maybe some adventurous individuals could even feel the urge to binge an entire trilogy in one night, but how can they last all night without sleep?

Lucky for them and their new-found goal, coffee can boost their mood and energy levels, temporarily. Now I’m not saying to use coffee as a crutch for not getting enough sleep, as we all know the importance of sleep. The occasional overnight literary expedition is sure to be fine for your health, but make sure to get adequate sleep to compensate and not use caffeine for your energy instead. Drinks like coffee and tea can definitely be enjoyed for their energy-boosting and short-term attention benefits…but just like anything, they should be enjoyed in moderation.

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Did you enjoy the article? I hope so! Feel free to leave a comment telling us what your favorite coffee shop drink is! It could give me ideas to try for the next time I go to a cafe! If you decide to take a trip to a bookstore, see if they sell coffee and tea or if there’s a coffee shop nearby. That way, you can pick up your favorite drink and get reading! ♡