Hold Workshops in your Bookshop

I was straightening things up at the store and looking forward to a few days of vacation before jumping into a new year when our last customer of the day walked through the door. “I want to sign up for two of your classes,” she announced as she swung her chic wrap over her shoulder … Read more

Reading List 2013

The holiday shopping frenzy is coming to an end and this shopkeeper is officially exhausted! This is my second Christmas as a bookseller and I am pleased to announce that every special order came in on time and we did a much better job keeping popular books and other items in stock this time around. … Read more

Reflections and Pots of Gold

Tis the season for holiday celebrations, and when we have time to breathe, reflection on the year that is whirling toward its end. Last week I inadvertently insulted a friend-of-a-friend when I said I wasn’t in it [bookselling] for the money. We were at a holiday party and our conversation may have been slightly impaired … Read more

Meet Katie — Model Employee

The sound of the door chimes sends Katie scurrying to the front of the store. Before visitors even make it through the entryway she is already sitting in wait to greet new and familiar faces. “Oh my gosh! Look we have a greeter!” most of our new visitors exclaim. Katie stands in anticipation of loves, … Read more

Beyond the Book Club

I have a confession to make – I never participated in a book club before becoming a bookseller. I wasn’t opposed to them but I didn’t see the point of being part of an organized group created with the sole purpose of discussing books.  Book discussions should just happen organically, shouldn’t they? I also felt … Read more

What’s In a Book?

I woke up at 2:30am the other night and couldn’t fall back asleep. This happens every once in a while when I have too much on my mind. I used to toss and turn and get frustrated, angry – sometimes blaming my husband as he would lie there dreaming. He’d taken the blankets or elbowed … Read more