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Socks, Soap and Other Surprises in a Book Shop

The holidays are here and while most people are bustling about trying to find the perfect gift for that friend, teacher, sister and mother, retailers are scrambling to make sure they have that perfect gift for friend, teach, sister and mother. When people dream about owning a quaint bookshop in a small town they don’t […]Read More

Do Reprints Lower The Sale of First Editions?

I have no idea! And that’s why I am writing this article, because I’ve had a long discussion on another site about vintage illustration being copied, and one argument against copying public domain images from rare books or postcards is that it hurts the rare paper ephemera business and book sellers. Does it? Do say, […]Read More

Book Mania or I'll Eat Some Other Day

What have you done, and what would you do, short of commit a crime, to attain a certain book you can’t live without. I mean, you really don’t think that life would nearly be as wonderful if you don’t buy the book sitting on the desk, or up in the bookcase, or in a shaded […]Read More

Selling Rare Books

A used or rare book, like any other collectible, is worth only what someone else is willing to pay for it. Value is a funny thing. How much you can charge for any manuscript is personal and changes based on collector demand for the item. If you want to buy or sell rare books, it’s […]Read More

“R” is for Reason: the 5 Practical Reasons to Collect

What bibliophile doesn’t love owning their own personal libraries in their living room, den, office, and their bedrooms, in their car, and on top of their fridge? Years ago, I had two bookcases filled with philosophy books I had either read or planned to read. That’s when I realized it was time to get rid […]Read More

Common Misconceptions About Rare Books

I live within driving distance of the world’s largest new and used bookstore, Powell’s City of Books. Located in downtown Portland, Oregon, the store occupies an entire city block and stocks more than a million new and used books. While Toronto may boast the largest bookstore in the world, as a collector, only Powell’s could […]Read More