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Inscribed Books–Which Stay? Which Go?

I’m in the midst of a dilemma. Something most books collectors get into sooner or later. Space. It’s not infinite. As much as I want to pretend I can house every book I have in my possession right now, and any that come in hereafter, physics tells me–it’s not possible. I don’t listen to physics […]Read More

Rex Stout and Me (sort of)

Sometimes serendipity enters a book collectors life. When I worked for A&E mysteries.com as their bookclub moderator, I  wrote articles and interviewed authors etc., but I also had conversations via comments, just like here. I noticed on one mystery board, a woman was asking anyone who may have info how she could sell a collection […]Read More

Drop-Ins: Informal Bookshop Author Signings

It wasn’t until I started at the second mystery bookshop, that I learned how important a signed book is. The first store I worked in, Foul Play, although delightful, was small and predominately paperbacks. An author signing his or her book, never occurred to me. Not until a local author dropped by and asked if […]Read More