The Amazon Matchbook Program

On September 3, 2013 Kindle announced a program they call Matchbook. This will allow people who have bought print books from Amazon since 1995 to obtain an eBook copy of the book, assuming that the publisher/author of the book has chosen to participate in Matchbook. The prices they quote for getting the eBook copy range […]Read More

The Niche Bookstore is Most Definitely Not Dead

I saw Notting Hill a few years ago.  I’m sure at this point everyone knows that Hugh Grant’s character is the owner of a travel bookstore.  A store that sells only travel books.  When I first saw Notting Hill I thought it was a hilarious idea. How could that possibly survive these days?  I can […]Read More

Credit Card Payments Via Smartphones

How do you accept payments? In Toronto there are a multitude of booksellers of different types and sizes: some are huge multi-story stores with thousands of books, DVDs, and music; others are small storefronts whose square footage can be measured in tens of feet.  Then there are the individuals who set up on a street […]Read More

A New eBook Distribution Solution

Spacing published an article the other day about a new way for users to interact with subway advertising devised by a few students at the Miami Ad School.  The idea they propose is called the Underground Library and the gist of it is that ads would be placed in the trains of the New York subway system […]Read More

Finally Made the Move to an eReader

Finally a eReader User I finally bought an eBook reader.  I know that I’ve been writing about eBooks for a few years now, but only just this past week did I finally decide to get a dedicated eBook reader, rather than running an app on my iPad or an eBook reader program on my computer. […]Read More

The Anonymity of eBooks

One of the things I remember from my time in school learning to be a librarian was something the professor in the Reference Services class I took during my first semester said: never apologize for what you read. This is just one of those quotes that is so simple and yet so true.  Why should you […]Read More

Closing the Book on Bookstore Closure

It’s Not All Bad News or Closing the Book on Bookstore Closure Early last week I found out that The Toronto Women’s Bookstore is closing and that the owner would have to head over to Fusion People for new employment. It’s been open for 39 years and this isn’t the first time it’s been threatened […]Read More