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Listing a Book's Title and Author – Variations

I recently went through Bookfinder.com seeking what prices other booksellers are asking for a book I have on hand. I typed in the last name only of the author and the title. Quite a few copies out there. 271, That counting duplicate listings on the first search line – even if one halves that number […]Read More

Handling offensive titles without causing offense

Handling historical material that contains racist material is difficult but worth doing. To forget the bad parts of history increases the odds of repeating them. WARNING: this post contains photos of books from the 19th and early 20th centuries that will likely offend some readers!Read More

Another Great Blog – Style is the Game

The Abbeville Manual of Style has just published a nice post on great book titles. While this is a nice post I’m realy just using it as an excuse to tell you about a terrific blog. Well written posts, a nice elegant design and plenty of useful links. If you have a moment give them […]Read More