Where can I get more information on fine books and first editions?

We will try and bring you a steady stream of resources related to books and book selling. Some of the things we’ll mention may seem obvious to the seasoned seller but we want to help those just getting started as well. Fine Books & Collections magazine should be on the counter top of every brick and mortar shop. Not only is it a great source of information but your patrons will think you know a thing or two (and it has nice shiny pictures). As always let us know if you subscribe to other magazines that you find indispensable.

2 thoughts on “Where can I get more information on fine books and first editions?”

  1. We subscribe to Fine Books & Collections as well, but our favorite is Rare Book Review – it’s from the UK so it’s a bit pricier, but well worth it. We used to have a subscription to Firsts but it’s just a little too dull and Modern First centric and we let it lapse.

  2. Hey Tom, Thanks for dropping by. Let me know when you’re ready to add a little post! hope the baby is well.

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