They call them stacks for a reason!

Holy cow! We have a bookshop here in Montreal that is somewhat like this. The owner actually knocked over a stack on one of our recent visits. If you have any video of your own shop that you’d like to share just send it along to me. This particular shop is in Salem, Ma. If any of you have some detail they can share please leave a comment. I’m sure many of you would love to take a visit.


8 thoughts on “They call them stacks for a reason!”

  1. What is so amazing about that place? My house would be the same way except I’m married and my wife won’t let me.

    Actually, I’d be worried about someone getting hurt. Hopefully people don’t clomp through the store like a bull elephant.

  2. I think I’d feel a little bit intimidated by a book shop set up that way. :O I wouldn’t know how to get at the books I was interested in. And how would I browse? Still, it’s a novel setup and look.

  3. A few choices that I can see.

    1.) Call for help (not as much fun)
    2.) Pull off the top books and search for a place to set them. (even less fun)
    2.) Ask a friend (or innocent bystander) to lean against the top books holding them against the stack behind. Shout, “Abbra Ka Dabbra!”, yank and hope your magician training with the tablecloth and glasses still works. (you did try this as a kid right?)
    3.) Say, “To heck with it!”, create an avalanche and make the staff wish you had asked for help.

    Whichever way you choose you might want to think twice if it is a book you ‘really want’.

    I’ve got to wonder how many “Welcome to the Monkey House” first editions there are in that place?

    Are they all on the bottom?

  4. OK, this is a death trap. There’s no way I’m walking into a bookstore that looks like this. Besides, I like to take a book in my hands and flip through it before I buy it. And I would never pick up a book in this store.

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