Blog ReBOOT – A New Bookshop Blog Coming Soon

That’s right – a blog reboot!

This blog has been more or less dormant since this summer and for good reason. My family and I made a decision this past summer to close down our beautiful little second hand bookstore, the only one left in our community. While turning my life upside down, going from Brick and Mortar to Online only, moving my collection (the better parts) to my home, looking for a new job and raising a year and a half old boy meant that the blog had to be put on hold. You guys may not be aware but it does take a certain amount of time to manage.

Things have settled down now. I have a terrific job with SirsiDynix as an applications specialist (we make library software), still consider myself a bookseller and still own Zeeba Books, and have even found time to start up a new blog called The BIG Desk. Now it’s time to relaunch The Bookshop Blog.

The ReBOOT will consist of a brand new look, daily news and hopefully continued support from the bookselling community. You guys are what made this site with your contributions and links – thanks. As a more tangible thank you I will be displaying, for free, 125x125px ad spots for any independent book dealers. if you have a little logo (they are very easy to make) just send it to me and I’ll put it in the rotation.  I also encourage anyone that is interested in sharing their story/ideas/experiences to submit them here via our contact page. The posts will contain permanent links to your web presense (up to 3 links) and should give you good exposure as traffic to this site continues to grow.

Look for our Blog Reboot coming Soon!