Downturns can lead to inspiration and positive change

This post in all honesty is a fishing expedition. I want to hear from you guys. We have experienced quite a tough year economically and 2009 does not look a whole lot brighter. Have you had to make any big changes to adjust to the new economic reality? Have you adjusted your trading/credit system, if not you may want to consider doing this right away. It will have a direct impact on your cash flow, loyal patrons will not mind one bit in fact the only people that would probably mind are those that were only taking advantage anyway. Click here to read a bit more on credit policies and feel free to add your own comment.

What are you expecting for the coming year and for those that have successfully gone through previous downturns do you have any advice for newer owners?

The net has been cast now lets see if any great comments get caught. As a little incentive I will post a prominent link on our sidebar for one or two of the more interesting commentators. (for a couple of weeks)

3 thoughts on “Downturns can lead to inspiration and positive change”

  1. I believe that downturns lead to uprising success. Remember industrial crisis in 70-s or 80-s, whatever? What did it bring to us? IT age started! And IT was growing rapidly, many people became successful. I believe we are just at the end of one epoch and start of the new one.
    Just keep focus on bright ideas of yours, and implement them!

    I wish you infinite abundance and unlimited success!

  2. Dickens said it all- “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ….”

    Everyone goes through tough times and tough situations!

    A few years ago when our business was going through a tough time I was astounded to happen upon two different books that expressed the same principle – something I had never heard of but something we should be taught as toddlers.

    “When you come upon hard times in your life it is not only necessary to struggle through them but it is important to condition yourself to learn to embrace them and even learn to welcome them because they offer you the best opportunity to dig deep within yourself and become all that you can be.”

    Most of us have become fat and lazy because we are used to living lives where we are rarely tested as individuals with the basic necessities of life so easily within our reach. We need tough times!

    It is true that starting a business pushes most of us well beyond our comfort zone but we should learn to look upon that leap of faith as only the beginning of our growth. Every step to improve ourselves and our businesses from there can favorably impact many others … and in ways far beyond what we can imagine.

    Don’t know enough – work harder
    Economy bad – work harder
    Finances tight – work harder

    Work is its own reward – sometimes the thing you dreaded is exactly what you needed.

    Improve Improve Improve – you and all those around you will be better for it.

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