The Next Dan Brown Book is Coming….soon…maybe

Dan Brown Solomon KeyFans of Dan Brown have been waiting a long time for his next book. It was due to be released about a year ago. Time flies. We are pretty sure the book is about Free Masons and the history of the United States but other than that not much news has come out. I read a while ago that the delay was due to the need for extra research, no doubt brought on by the big lawsuit over The Da Vince Code. So we wait…and wait…for Dan Brown’s new book.

Here’s an article on the subject by the Wall Street Journal

Now, the publisher is hinting that a manuscript is close. “Dan Brown has a very specific release date for the publication of his new book, and when the book is published, his readers will see why,” says Stephen Rubin, president of Bertelsmann’s Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group..

The full story is here..

9 thoughts on “The Next Dan Brown Book is Coming….soon…maybe”

  1. Man,
    I’ve been waiting a long time for Dan Brown’s next book. I’ve been a big fan of Brown since digital fortress. Can’t wait for the book on the Masons. Will it ever be published? Maybe in 2008

    Jim from Solar Bird Baths

  2. Looks like we may still be waiting a while on this one. I’ ve been looking forward to dan brown next book for a while now.I actually read Da Vinci code in two days. Can’t wait for the next one. Maybe James McAvoy could get the lead role!

  3. After flying through Da Vinci code in 2 days I’ve been waiting a long time for Dan Brown’s next book. And we’re still waiting..I think I heard that the next book by Dan Brown may finally be coming out in July. Of course I had heard that it was due out Dec. 2006 also.

  4. i read that the new book wasto be published on the 4th of july 2008. but this date is fast approaching and no hint or advertising been seen anywhere. please hurry up and don’t keep us waiting any longer. jk rowling would not pull this on her fans so why should dan brown just give us the bloody book will you

  5. Well, it’s the Fourth today, and no sign of it yet. I suppose that, like everyone else in the world, I’ll read Dan Brown’s next new book when it comes out but, unlike a lot of people, I was underwhelmed with The DaVinci Code.

    The book of his that I enjoyed most was an early one, Digital Fortress … that really drew me in.

  6. Any ideas of late? I had Digital Fortress lying around the house for a long time and I finally read it on a 4 hour trip to Cali. It was a really quick read and fast paced, although it kind of dragged on at the end when everything started falling apart. I was however drawn in very quickly at the beginning. The subject of code breaking is pretty interesting…Makes you wonder what is really going on now!

    Im in the middle of deception point right now, more conspiracies! fun read with the presidential campaining going on in real life!


  7. Have read Da Vinci, Angels, Deception and Digital several times each.I manage to find something new each time. All fantastic and intriguing to the last page. Waiting for the next one, where is it? Have I missed it?

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