The First in our Series of Bookstore Profiles

We will be featuring profiles of bookshops and their owners. The goal is for you to get to know your fellow dealers, perhaps ask a question or two via the comments, and to show potential owners that it is doable. If you see a profile of a shop in your area please take a second to pop by and show them a little support (kind words are nice but you may consider buying a book as well). Let them know you saw their profile here. Ok, let’s get this ball rolling with Weller Cottage Books of Australia. You’ll have to give them a virtual visit though as they are an online bookstore only. I will be doing mostly open store profiles but Christine sent a lovely note and she has a great selection of Children’s Books.



I have a theory that our true self emerges at around seven years of age and is buried at around thirteen, possibly never to emerge again. Luckily for me, life threw me in the way of most of my little girl’s dreams. (Be careful what you wish for etc.)

When I was a little girl in the city I liked farms, I grew up and married a farmer, more the grazier type but without as much money.

When I was a little girl I liked playing mothers, I had two girls and two boys.

When I was a little girl I liked growing things, so when the farmer sort greener pastures – so to speak – I went back to school and became a garden designer.

When I was a little girl I liked storybook cottages with lace curtains and flowery gardens, so when, three years ago, I decided to downsize a bit and get rid of the mortgage, I opened the newspaper at the real estate pages – as we call them here in Australia – and there was the cutest cottage, 150 years old, brick, and painted pink with lace curtains at the window! Perfick!

The other thing I /really /liked when I was a little girl was books, so now it’s time for the book shop. I’d love to tell you that I have a delightful little shop with antique shelving and a cozy fire in the winter where customers can sit and read before buying that rare first edition that they’ve searched everywhere for. Alas, the reality is never quite the dream and so my bookshop is confined to cyberspace. But if you have a laptop you could pull an antique chair up to the fire and browse through my web site which has a picture of every book, and /pretend/ you’re in my imaginary shop – couldn’t you?

Christine Stevenson at Weller Cottage Books, Australia

Weller Cottage

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