Up, down, & sideways- shelving your books

When you’re opening a bookstore, probably the last thing on your mind is how to shelve your books.  You just get some cases and put them on, right?    Wrong.  Particularly if you’re building your own cases, you want to determine HOW you’re going to display your books first.  Otherwise you’ll get stuck with a shelving system that doesn’t work for you or your customers and costs you time and money to redo.

The key part to consider is what KIND of books will you be selling.   If it’s almost all paperback, you’ll want to use a different system than if you’ll be carrying only hardcovers.

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Becoming a Procrastination Center

One thing that independent booksellers should learn from the chain stores is that a customer wants a comfortable place to kill time almost as much as they want a selection of reading material. Of course not every independent can accommodate a café and comfy chairs–and we don’t want to encourage B+N-style abuse with people sleeping … Read more

Will altering the colour of your shop increase its bottom line?

We have a guest writer posting today. John Goodman is a manager at Zeeba Books as well as a budding filmmaker. He shares his thoughts on colour and its effects on business. ************ Colour your online and/or book world. There are many theories concerning colour and how it affects the world and individuals. Conclusions may … Read more