How One Bookseller Stays in Business After 20 Years


Mystery Scene Magazine, a great source for all things crime fiction, and more, recently interviewed Augie Aleksy owner of Centuries and Sleuths. A combination of history, crime fiction, and biographies are the focus of his store, and he’s been successful at it since 1989. How he does it, his innovative ideas, and the bottom line, making a profit, are discussed. A super article for both bookstore owners, sellers, and readers.

Written by Online Cogdill

3 thoughts on “How One Bookseller Stays in Business After 20 Years”

  1. I followed the link and then found the bookstore website but didn’t see a way to contact the bookseller. Wanted to tell Augie that this April 3 article about him was very coincidental, as I had written a post on March 31 on my blog about Van Loon.
    Also, I have relatives in northern Illinois and will make a point of trying to get to this bookstore on my next family visit. Thank you very much, Diane.

    • So sorry there wasn’t a link to Augie himself. I don’t know how to get in touch–I found this article at Mystery Scene. I do know the writer of the article, and can relay your message. Hope that works out, I’ll let you know. thanks for reading the article!

  2. In my opinion they can survive because they serve a niche market, and they have significant differentiation compare to other common book store.

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