Do you take advantage of free advertising?

Free classified sites as well as social networking site are becoming more and more popular, actually they are the most popular thing going on the web today. Can your business take advantage of these? All of your advertising expenditures need to be a carefully considered balance between cost and benefit. Often the first thing new book stores do is print out flyers or pay for ads in local papers. I feel this is a way a business leaks money and the hole can be patched with a free alternative.

Here are the sites we use, let us know if there are others that work for you. – we use in Canada
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4 thoughts on “Do you take advantage of free advertising?”

  1. Good post, you might have some local options for free classifieds too. Our town has two great resources for free classifieds– online there’s a city bulletin board and offline (in print) one of the grocery stores has a free weekly classifieds.

    Some years ago I gave away several large-breed dog raincoats branded with our name and url, I still get business from them every time it rains.

  2. You know there is a free classified paper here and I’ve not even bothered to try it yet. Guess what I’m doing this afternoon!

  3. LOL it’s funny how the little things slip by isn’t it? You have me looking all over for more free advertising opportunities now.

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