Do you enjoy writing about Books or Bookselling?

Once again it is time to see if any of you are interested in contributing a post to our site. The last time we put out a little feeler like this the result was very positive. We received a lot of very interesting articles, from a Dream of Opening a Bookstore to a fantastic trip to the Pulpwood Queen’s Girlfriend Weekend.

Of course not all the posts need be so detailed. We have had nice stories on Children’s Books, on participating in Antique Fairs and much much more. If you have anything at all you’d like to share, please don’t be shy. You never know where it might lead.

The site has been averaging over 3 500 unique visitors per month, has received a Google Page Rank of 5, has over 230 subscribers. I continue to market the site vigorously and expect these numbers to continue growing; once your article and link(s) to your site are posted they remain within the site for the life of the blog.

We experimented with writing schedules for our contributors but this proved difficult to keep up. We are now going a bit more free-form and will post most good articles that are submitted, as always on books/book collecting and selling books be it online or from an open shop. Please feel free to insert links back to your site within each post and if you can include a few images.

So that’s it in a nutshell. If you like to write, we like to publish. If you need some publicity (or Google Juice), we can provide it. Again, just drop me a line: editor (at)

4 thoughts on “Do you enjoy writing about Books or Bookselling?”

  1. Thanks Bruce for making such a wonderful site. Whether the postings you’ve put on come from Online sellers, B&M sellers or combo such as yourself I always find them to be interesting.

    As a blogger ( I know too how much time it can take to keep a site such as this up and fresh. You’ve been doing a wonderful job and I commend you for it.

    P.S. To other bookaholics and sellers
    I’d like to encourage others to take Bruce up on his offer. Share your knowledge and experiences. As a community booksellers are the best and I’ll bet Bruce’s time and money you have something to share. Also I know for a fact I’ve had people visit my website from postings here.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. It is a challenge keeping thing fresh this is why we need to encourage others to participate. We are lucky to have a nice following so that we can offer some real exposure in exchage for the writing; works out well for everyone.

    Here again is Paul’s Blog – check it out

  3. I have a half done article still sitting on my computer but you likely won’t get it ’til July. I had two art shows this month and a paid commission to finish. I have 6 days ’til the next one I still haven’t finished the last sculpture I need to take. Where’s my panic button?

    People desperately interested in art can see what madness I’ve been up to on my flickr account. Includes a bunch of “work in progress” shots as I build the sculpture:

  4. For those who don’t know Nora, she is one of our premier contributors. Some very interesting articles on top of doing some fantastic promotion for us over at
    Some of the articles she has contributed can be found here.
    Take your time Nora – enjoy the art shows and if you have any links for the shows that you’d like to publicize here just send them to me.

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