Take the next step: Buy Books at Auctions

More about auctions Apparently there are auctions and then there are Colorado prairie auctions. On TV, I’ve seen pictures of auctions in England and other places where people are INSIDE and they actually sit on chairs, and to bid, they hold up a paddle. Isn’t that amazing? And there’s an article on this blog which … Read more

It's not the Venom, it's the Bite

Here is a terrific view into a Boston area auction from Tom of Pazzo Books. *************************** October 9th Auction notes – It’s not the Venom, it’s the Bite There’s a book auction that we frequent perhaps 10 times a year – typically we go to the uncatalogued sales to pick up lots of material that … Read more

If only my allowance were a tad bigger – Hemingway Auction

Another entry from our distinguished writer from Massachusetts Tom Nealon of Pazzo Books A signed proof of Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls is headed for auction in November at Swann. It has a signed dedication to Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway’s fiancee and is signed to his friend and longtime employee Toby Otto Bruce, as well … Read more