Books by Dan Brown

With Dan Brown’s next book due out soon we’ve had a couple of discussions in our book shop about the values of books by Dan Brown. Unlike some authors that find a way to put out a couple of books every year, Dan Brown is considerably less prolific. He has published only four books in his 12 year career. What I would love to know is any print run information on books by Dan Brown. We then want to do a little analysis on the current First Edition values in relation to the print runs. Any info can be left in the comments section and will be greatly appreciated. I will incorporate it into the post. If this proves interesting we will try and repeat the exercise with a few other authors.

Books by Dan Brown

Digital Fortress – St. Martins Press (1996)
Deception Point – Pocket Books (2001)

Angels and Demons – Pocket Books (2000)
The Da Vinci Code – Doubleday (2003)

And of course Dan Browns next book is called The Solomon Key, another Da Vinci code type thriller featuring Robert Langdon. The story supposedly revolves around the Freemasons and the Founding Fathers.

4 thoughts on “Books by Dan Brown”

  1. Uh, aren’t you forgetting 187 MEN TO AVOID by Danielle (Dan) Brown, his first book, published in 1985 I believe.

    How few of us release the cartoon book we have inside of us.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tom,

    I did come across that title but wasn’t sure if I should include it, mostly because it seemed frivolous, for lack of a better expression. The list should be a complete one though so I will add it, thanks for coming by!

  3. Prolific or not, Dan Brown is a great author. I really enjoyed every book I read of his. Even if reading said books has condemned me to the fire pits of He77. LOL

    I would love to get him to autograph one of his books for me. Will he be doing a book tour with the book about to be released?

  4. I am looking forward to the new Dan Brown book, The Solomon Key. The Freemasons / Founding Fathers angle will make for an interesting read.

    I also hope he has a book tour, though I doubt he will make it to my hometown.

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