Science Fiction Bookstores Getting Tougher to Find

Science Fiction Bookstores – hidden jewels

Do you love visiting science fiction bookstores?

I wish there was on in my town. In fact I don’t know if there is are any science fiction bookstores in my whole province. I used to remember going to a great one when I was a kid but that closed down many years ago. I often by books on the Internet where there are supposedly tens of thousands of book dealers. It is very hard though to sort through them and find a shop that specializes in science fiction or romance or whatever category you happen to love. This is why we created a directory of bookstores organized by speciality. If you want a science fiction bookstore then just look up science fiction. If golf is your game then just look for golf bookstores. We hope you find our list useful and if you know of more science fiction bookstores please let us know we are always adding bookstores.

1 thought on “Science Fiction Bookstores Getting Tougher to Find”

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually been to the blog site. It’s looking great!

    I agree, it IS hard to find a bookstore with your specific interest. Once again, a short post that really makes a bookseller thing . . . Thanks for all of the great information!


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