Book Collector murdered, no leads

Just came across this while surfing. We’ll try and keep you up to date. This is from PhiloBiblos, a great book blog.

Rolland Lee Comstock, 70, a Missouri bibliophile known to travel far and wide in order to get his books signed and for his ability to spot emerging authors and gamble on their eventual success was found shot to death in his home on Tuesday, the Springfield News-Leader reports. Theft does not seem to have been the motive: “A Greene County Sheriff’s detective on Thursday scoured Rolland Lee Comstock’s extensive book collection for missing volumes, aided by a person familiar with the slain attorney’s unique cataloging system. Nothing appeared to be missing from the two-story library,” which holds more than 50,000 volumes.

This story is a few weeks old now, we’ll look around for updates later today.

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  1. Thanks for your comment at PB – yes, this is an important story; unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there’s been any progress in the investigation yet. Will definitely keep posting as things happen.
    Meanwhile, I’ve added a link to Bookshop Blog – keep up the good work!
    – Jeremy

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