Staying in touch with your customers via a spiffy newsletter.

Do you have a mailing list? Do you use it effectively? Some sellers use only their email application to send out a short announcement here and there while others use a full blown web based service but pay too much for it. iContact falls in between. It is a paid service but works quite well for the cost. There are some free applications you can use but this requires a level of IT knowledge usually greater than that of a typical book seller, besides do you want to be tweaking computer programs or selling books. iContact’s entry level is only about $10.00 a month which gives you up to 500 subscribers and 3000 messages. Once your list gets bigger you simply jump to their next subscription level. While the links to iContact are affiliate links our reason in recommending them is because we use it and like it, a lot. And we get more feet through our door by using their service. If you use other services or have other ideas on this please feel free to comment.