An Incomprehensible Book Made Even Worse

I know I’m probably in the minority, but Ulysses is like one long long long run on sentence to me. What was James Joyce on, anyway, while writing this? I also understand that many think this book the best ever written, and I say, nuts to you, lol. No, I think that everyone has their favorites and opinions and that reading is very subjective, and I don’t want to be subjected to this book ever again.

Some guy decided he wants twitterites to tweet their favorite passages in short teeny weeny sentences, the way perhaps the book should have been written to begin with?

Why? Again, I ask, why?

At any rate, you can read the full details at Quill and Quire:

And please, no tomatoes thrown at me through the screen. Some things are meant to be tongue in cheek.

7 thoughts on “An Incomprehensible Book Made Even Worse”

  1. Regarding this ‘event’ I read in the Quill & Quire article the following: “”This is not an attempt to tweet mindlessly the entire contents of Ulysses, word-for-word, 140 characters at a time. That would be dull and impossible. What is proposed here is a recasting or a reimagining of the reading experience of this novel, start to finish, within the confines of a day-long series of tweets from a global volunteer army of Joyce-sodden tweeps.””

    Which tells me that some people have too much spare time on their hands. Perhaps they should read a good book instead. E-book or paper and ink doesn’t matter. As long as it is more than 140 characters long.

  2. I completely agree with you on Ulysses! In fact, even my literature professor in college admitted that he didn’t know anyone that actually read the entire book all of the way through. I think the concept is really interesting, but let’s face it, the book is not. Even Joyce’s friends didn’t read it (according to my old prof). Again, interesting concept – the stream of consciousness – but doesn’t make for a good story.

  3. Hmmm, tried a tomato and it didn’t work! But that was only an experiment, I’ve never been able to read Ulysses either. My opinion of Tweeting can’t be printed here unless thoroughly sanitized…. Tweets remind me of a woman I once worked with, she had a maddening tendency to let whatever was on her mind come out of her mouth… trivial, boring, obnoxious, etc. I do realize that reading what someone tweets is a choice, and I really had no choice but to listen to that long-ago co-worker, still I think that tweets are like the ads on TV! No, even worse than that, but I can’t write it here…

  4. I first read ULYSSES at age 18. Can’t imagine what I got out of it then but always remembered that the library chapter left me clueless. For some reason, I loved the rest and re-read it maybe three times in later years, skipping the library chapter. Then a year and a half ago, five brave souls decided they were ready to tackle ULYSSES, if only we could do it in a group. Now I can say I have TRULY read ULYSSES. And yes, I think it deserves top billing of the 20th century. But intelligent people can disagree.

    What do you say to REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST?

  5. You guys are swell!! prying–I must commend you–that you not only read it once, but all those other times, and really like it, means you are a better man than I, Gunga Din.

    Remembrance of Things Past? Don’t recall that one.

    Oh Nancy, you could never live with my mother–but would you try? I’d love to change places. My mother never stops speaking–and what she has to say is not earth shattering. She reads the newspaper out loud, especially the obits, when she knows I hate the obits, and she will stop you in your tracks if you are going out any door for any reason, just so she can tell you something completely unrelated to anything before or after you leave the room.
    I love her dearly, really, but ear plugs would be a handy device.

    • The kudos should be directed to PJ… Oops – Just saw you caught that. (Good comment PJ) – Really I don’t have time on my hands. It just seems that way because I get distracted easily.

  6. Wait wait–I meant PJ Grath about Ulysses! Sorry, my only excuse is I spent the day getting to a cemetery only to realize I’d not my camera, and that the place closed very soon.
    Anyhoo, prying1–yes, we all do have way too much time on our hands, which is fine, because then you guys come here and chat!

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