Forget About 11 Year Olds, I Want to Read These Books!

Wow–a list of 50 books 11 year olds should read by ABE is fantastic, and embarrassingly I’ve only read a handful on the list–naturally Alice in Wonderland is one, and a title I haven’t thought about since I was 11! Emile and the Detectives. Once I saw the title, I remembered that I had loved the book, why, who knows, I was young and that was a billion years ago, lol. Tom Sawyer and maybe The Wind in the Willows, The Borrowers, round out my list of read books. I bet you all have read way more than me from the list. Which titles strike your memory chords, and what others that may have been published long after do you want to read now? I definitely would delve into Coraline, having loved the film, and therefore anything else by Neil Gaiman. I’d also like to read all the books in the Unfortunate series. I am a super fan of dark humor!

My wishes aside, ha, this is a super guideline for sellers to use when recommending books for this age group. I’m sure most booksellers have tons of them already on their lists, but it’s never a bad Idea to get confirmation that your choices are good ones.

Here’s the link–enjoy!