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Banned Books Week–Coming Soon To You

If you’ve been around my articles for any amount of time you may have noticed my links to the organization called Banned Books Week. There is an actual week of activity and runs the last week of September every year. The campaign was founded in 1982 by prominent First Amendment and library activist Judith Krug […]readmore

Yet Again! Another Hysterical Parent Terrified Of 5th Grade Sex

I’m sorry, but if you haven’t had any discussion with your child about the basics of reproduction by the age of 10, it’s you that have the problem, not a school system that starts teaching sex ed that grade level, and not the school’s library carrying a educational book explaining the things you haven’t gotten […]readmore

I Am SO Sick of Parents Dictating What Is Read

Yet again!! Parents must interfere with school curriculum! Banned Books reports all instances of challenged titles throughout the world–thank goodness some one is watch dogging all the insane Puritan parental ‘watch dogs’ out there. !Another! ¬†instance of a kid’s parents dictating to the school what is allowed, and what is forbidden to be taught has […]readmore