Yet Again! Another Hysterical Parent Terrified Of 5th Grade Sex Education Book

I’m sorry, but if you haven’t had any discussion with your child about the basics of reproduction by the age of 10, it’s you that have the problem, not a school system that starts teaching sex ed that grade level, and not the school’s library carrying a educational book explaining the things you haven’t gotten around to. We aren’t back in my mother’s day when by the time she started her cycle, she thought she was bleeding to death. A little info is helpful here, you think? And the section on masturbating? 10 is too early to discuss it? Since kids are doing it from a very early age, maybe it would be good for them to know exactly what and why they do so, without wild freaking out judgmental parents demanding permission slips to read what kids by that age are hearing whispered among their friends.

Just sayin’.

Sigh, here’s a link to another book on the chopping block in Seattle.,0,4901066.story

5 thoughts on “Yet Again! Another Hysterical Parent Terrified Of 5th Grade Sex Education Book”

  1. Although I agree with you that 10 years old seems a bit past the age of a birds & bees talk, I’m thinking that this mom wanted to have the specialness of this experience directed by herself, not by a book. But I’m reading between the lines! Pun intended. Maybe this mom dropped the ball by not looking closely at her daughter’s curriculum, it seems that a parent would know that in such-and-such a grade there would be sex education which was her chance to preview the material? I have no idea. After watching the news video I’m wondering about the outcome of her complaint to the Board. Is there any follow-up?

  2. I’m not aware of any follow up. I don’t know about specialness regarding the birds and bees, I can’t think of any way to explain the intricate body workings that would be special, lol, especially the different types of touching. I have a feeling that some of the touching facts are to help kids understand bad touching, such as a predator would use. But I’m speculating too.

  3. Agree completely Diane although it is a very tricky issue. Certainly some parents want to explain the facts of life to their kids themselves, but…so many parents neglect to talk to their kids about these things at any age that it has to be done by someone. I think in the long run it’s probably better for a few parents to be pissed off than for kids to be running around without any knowledge of things they probably should have some knowledge about.

    From the parent’s perspective, they may know 100% that their child is not at the stage in their life where they need to have “THE TALK” but from the school’s perspective, they themselves know 100% that there are ten year olds having sex, menstruating, and heading into puberty.

    • You expressed the problem perfectly, Nick. Parents want control over these things, but if they don’t exercise it before the rest of society informs their child, it’s their own fault. Someone has to teach kids the facts of life, and you know what? I bet most kids learning via school are less traumatized than hearing it from ‘mom.’ Or maybe that was only my experience, lol!
      Seriously, my mother was of a generation where no one spoke of these things to children, ever. She went into marriage with no idea of what or how or anything, and didn’t have a clue as to how children were conceived. If I had gone by her assertion that she didn’t understand why a woman who was raped could get pregnant because there was no ‘love’ involved, I’d be in darn serious shape!

      Sex Ed, even as little as we got back in my day, helped clear a ton of things up for me. LOL.

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