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We are hoping to extend our family of writers here at the Bookshop Blog. If you are a bookseller and would like to share some observations with us we would love to publish your ideas. A quick perusal of the site should give you an idea of what we are looking for. Ideally we would like to create a blogging family of about 40 booksellers with each offering about 1 post per month. Of course you are free to write more if you’re to up to it.

The two main advantages to sharing your posts with us are increased exposure to your own web presence. You would be listed with our Contributing Writers permanently as well as links on each article to your site. The Bookshop Blog now attracts over 10 000 page views/ month from 5 000 unique visitors. Nice exposure. The second advantage is credibility and it comes from two directions. Writing on other sites will give you a certain ‘expert’ factor. I can point to Jill Hendrix who writes with us as well as Bookthink.com and our very own Nora from Rainy Day Paperback Exchange. The other part comes from links to your site or blog from us. We are a Google PR 5. For those who don’t know about Page Rank it means that links coming to you from this site will increase your site’s ‘value’ in Google’s eyes as we are considered somewhat of an authority site in the field of Books.

Also in the coming months we will begin offering a cash incentive to our writers. The amounts are yet to be determined. It will be dependent on income derived from the site.

So..if there is some interest in joining us simply fill in the form below or send me an email to editor@bookshopblog.com.

Bruce Hollingdrake, editor

3 thoughts on “Would you like to write for The Bookshop Blog?”

  1. Would you comment on suitability of “Rita’s Vintage Reading Notebook” and “Vintage Reading Stories Heard Over the Back Fence” as regular contributions to your site?
    ||| Current and Archived articles may be accessed from either url mirror websites above.
    ||| “Notebook” is most often based on Mrs. B’s research of facts.
    ||| “Stories Heard” are previously published figments of imagination, securely in public domain, that we found over past 60+ years and edited / adapted / augmented.
    By trade we (were) (are) Printers / Publishers (now retired) and Booksellers (still at it)–since 1947. A more complete dossier will be forthcoming if desired. Thank you for your consideration. With best wishes for Peace in a world gone completely mad, we are
    —– Victor and Rita Buday

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