Why did I decide to become a bookseller?

I get asked this pretty regularly and I wish a had a good answer. Something like, “I was always surrounded by books in the house and my mother was a librarian…”, or maybe “I was sitting under a tree when a Gore Vidal book fell from a well perched reader, when I awoke – six days later…”. Either of these would be better than my usual shoulder shrug and a witty “dunno, just kinda happened”. I’ve never seen a reason why I shouldn’t do exactly what I feel like doing. Once upon a time I felt an urge to travel so I packed a bag and went to the other side of the world, Australia. A few years later I satisfied a teenage dream of owning my own bar and did that for 3 years (part owner). Then the IT (information technology) bug hit. I thought it would be fun to be in the Internet/computer world. Did that for 8 years and met my wife there! My last IT job was being a cog in a huge corporate wheel, a serious case of peon-itis. Another awakening. I realized that although the corporate world paid quite well and didn’t demand any thinking it wasn’t a natural fit for me. We could only wear jeans on Fridays and that really bugged me. By then my wife and I made habits of visiting bookshops and coffee shops wherever we traveled, good times. Thinking back to my bar days I started to miss creating my own environment, seeing direct results of my efforts, making decisions and my jeans. So I guess the daydreams of the bar life just merged with the enjoyment of the coffee and book shops. Why did I become a bookseller? Simple, I’m just doing what I really want to do.


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  1. Hi

    Thank you for sharing “why did i decide to become a bookseller”. Yep im also contemplating of opening a bookstore with Used/ New books. Im out in South Africa, Cape Town. Do you thing a bookstore can sustain me. I’m currently into teaching.

  2. Hi Adnaan,

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for dropping by.
    One thing you should consider above all else is location. It is a mistake that we made (looking for cheaper rent).
    I would suggest reading this post on that:
    opening a bookstore – location

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