Using Slatwall Displays

In a professional environment such as a retail establishment, slatwall panels are often employed to keep products organized. A well kept retail store has a higher likelihood of making a good first impression on its customers.

If items are strewn across the floor, there is a high probability that the customer will leave and spread bad word about the company. A handy tool called a slatwall panel provides a flexible way to store items on shelves, baskets, hooks and more. These panels can be mounted to any flat wall, and come in many different colors to match your store’s atmosphere.
Slatwall displays are superior to pegboard in that it can support more weight, can be used with a wide variety of accessories, and looks more sleek and refined. The panel has a series of namesake slats in which specialized accessories like hooks can be placed. Each accessory has a tab which fits into the slat, and can be moved or slid around as needed. Slatwall DisplaysThis degree of customization is just not possible with a conventional rigid shelving system. These slatwall systems are so durable when installed properly that they can support special slatwall modular cabinets. A plethora of accessories including tool hooks and metal wire baskets are all available for use.
Slatwall displays can be made of multiple materials including PVC and aluminum. The ones made of polymer can be cut-to-fit as needed. For a sleek look, many retailers choose to cover an entire wall with slat panels to achieve a most refined appearance. Textures on these panels range from matte to high gloss, and come in many colors. To properly install these panels, users must use industrial screws to attach them to the wall. To hide the hardware from view, matching color screws can be used in the installation phase.
For a bookshop that is having a hard time moving oversized books this may be the perfect solution. These books often have to have the cover image showing to get any attention. By showing them off on a nice slatwall display you open them up to a nice impulse buy.