A White Bookcase, flexible and functional

Why do I need a white bookcase?

Even with the age of the computer and internet and the constant threat that books will soon be obsolete, the sale of books is always increasing since there is nothing to beat a good book in bed before you sleep. However, in order for your books to be displayed appropriately, there is a need for a decent bookcase, which enables your books to be stored safely and effectively as well as looking chic and stylish.

When looking for a bookcase, however, you will soon discover that there is a large complicated array of cases out there, in a variety of styles, colors and shapes. This article serves to guide you through this maze, enabling you to purchase the perfect bookshelf for your needs.
The first area of consideration is that of color. Although bookcases are available in a wide range of colors and materials, a white bookcase is a color that suits almost all rooms, enabling it to blend in with any color scheme. When looking for a white bookcase, perhaps the first thing to consider is the space that you have. Bookcases come in a wide range of shapes, ranging from thin and tall to square or rectangular. Perhaps the easiest way to decide the shape is to arrange your books together on the floor and see how much space they take up. You want your bookcase to look moderately full, although it is important to have additional space so that you can add to your collection.
Having decided upon the shape and size of your white bookcase, the next area of focus is that of whether you want shelves, or a combination of both shelves and drawers. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these options. A traditional bookcase only has shelves, yet if you also have a lot of papers and files, then they can look very messy on the shelves unless you take real care to replace them in the correct place every time. A bookcase with drawers or a cupboard area offers storage space, with books being easily stored above the drawers.
The next area of focus is that of style. There is a range of styles available, ranging from modern to traditional or antique. When choosing style, first decided upon the type of material you want. A modern material is a metal such as iron, offering a contemporary look. It is very easy to find white bookcases in metal, thereby giving you a wide choice.
A more traditional option is wood. Bookcases usually come in either pine, beech or oak, with the prices of the piece increasing with the type of wood used, with pine being the cheapest. Although there are some white bookcases available in wood, the choice is limited, meaning that you may need to consider buying a plain bookcase and painting it yourself.
Painting a wooden bookcase is relatively straightforward. It is best to use gloss paint since this will give a shiny finish, which can easily be wiped clean.
Overall, a white bookcase is an essential asset to every home – so get searching today and fill your bookcase tomorrow!
The Funky looking white bookcase was found at Furniture Fashion
The standard white bookcases come from Ikea, we’ve written more about Ikea and cheap bookcases

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