Social Media Tools to Help with Productivity

If you’re like me you spend a lot of time on Twitter & Facebook. Problem is, your use of Social Media can take too much time away from stearing the ship that is your business. Here’s a wonderful post from Steam Feed to help you with increased Social Media Productivity. Two of the tools discussed in the article are Buffer and IFTTT – I use both of these everyday, a big help with my own systems.


Do you wish you could magically add an hour to the clock?

Maybe even clone yourself so you can finish reading just one more blog post?

Well, I can’t help you with that, but in this article I do show you my favorite handy dandy toolsto make your life easier!


Recently, I published an article (conveniently) titled 9 Social Media Tools To Make Your Life Easier. It was prompted by the release of the Social Media Examiner’s annual social media marketing industry report, “2013 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING INDUSTRY REPORT“ which addresses the 5 most commonly asked questions by social media marketers.

Chief among them was the best way to manage social media. Well, I can tell you that like any other artisan, the smart social media marketer utilizes specialized tools designed to make their job easier.

Also, just in case you are wondering, no, I have no affiliation with any of these tools nor do profit in any way from endorsing them…other than the warm fuzzies I will feel when you tell me how happy you are to have heard about them from me!

The Tools

1. Buffer

use of social mediaBuffer is an automated posting tool for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and that allows you to share to multiple accounts, all from one place and at optimal times. I almost feel like I should warn you to not get me started on Buffer, but I won’t because it is my favorite, my all time favorite, social media management tool.

Why I Love Buffer
They also offer a free version that allows you to add three accounts. However, for $10/mo. (less than the price of lunch!) you can add up to 12 social accounts, unlimited posts, and access for 2 team members for an entire month. Account options are: Facebook (profiles and pages), Twitter, LinkedIn and even

read the rest of the article at Steam Feed.