Book Review: ‘Transit,’ By Rachel Cusk : NPR

Transit, the second installment of Rachel Cusk’s cumulatively affecting post-divorce trilogy that began with Outline, is a reading journey you wish didn’t have to end — so it’s a good thing there’s a third volume on the itinerary. This isn’t to say these subdued, meandering novels are a joyride, at least not in the usual sense. They offer little in the way of plot thrills. Instead, Cusk gives us engrossing, probing conversations between her narrator — a writer named Faye unmoored by the breakup of her marriage — and various people she encounters as she goes about her business in her bewildered, post-parted state. Confounded by the unexpected trajectory of her life, Faye makes it her mission to really listen to others’ stories and extract what wisdom she can from them. We’re the lucky eavesdroppers.

Source: Book Review: ‘Transit,’ By Rachel Cusk : NPR