Take a look at Computer Books Online

We are very happy to have a new sponsor here at The Bookshop Blog, Computer Books Online.

If you have a moment why don’t you pop over and give their site a once-over and if you like what you see then bookmark them for any future Computer Book needs. In our own shop we don’t currently stock computer books but from time to time we do get a request. CBO will be one of the first places I check. Their logo is just over to the right a bit, can’t miss it..(that spot just beside them is available by the way, a great way to promote your bookstore)

2 thoughts on “Take a look at Computer Books Online”

  1. Wow, I haven’t even checked this site out yet. I typically use Amazon, but I would like to support a business that isn’t as huge a conglomerate. I am going to take a look at their store and probably pick a few things up along the way. Thanks!

  2. I run a discount site in the UK that has a computing section – as you can see from my URL :). I’m building a US version as well and I’d be interested in knowing if you have an affiliate sales programme and, if so, through which company? I don’t use anything from Amazon. I know they’re cheap but I prefer to support small businesses (to many large corporates are killing off the traditional small shops here in the UK).

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