Murder For a Wanton

Occasionally I enjoy sharing with others those odd offbeat oldies crime novels that have been forgotten my most, but treasured by few. This one is perfect for a lover of city crime and action. Murder For A Wanton , Whitman Chambers, Caxton House 1939 Ernie Hynes, former star reporter for the Sun-Telegram newspaper has taken up the … Read more

Pulp Vixens

Politically correct or not, I love the artwork on old paperbacks, magazine covers, and dust jackets depicting barely clad babes. I go as far as to collect them. And I find I’m not alone, by a long shot. I belong to flickr, the website for sharing photos. But besides pictures, there’s an underground section filled … Read more

DEJA VIEW– Murder Gives a Lovely Light

Deja View A new section on the blog–Reviews of old titles, many from the Golden Age Of Crime Fiction.To find a copy of this or any other of the Deja View books–your local used bookstore is a great place to start. (The Murder In Retrospect is the icon for this group of posts) Murder Gives a Lovely … Read more