Seeing Shelley Plain by R. Wilson

One of my favorite type of books to read are memoirs of other dealers and books by folks that just love being surrounded by them (the books and the dealers). I’ve loved most of Basbane’s books as well as those by the Goldstones. I was happy to come across this review and recommendation of Seeing Shelley Plain (by Robert Wilson) from Book Trout, I think I’ll order one for myself. Book Trout themselves often have great posts, I suggest you subscribe to them.

Wilson started his bookseller career in his forties, having served as an Army soldier during World War II, a diplomat in Poland and South Africa, a Broadway actor wannabe and a cuckoo clock factory office manager. A long-time book collecting passion (he collects Gertrude Stein and various poets’ works) led him to become the fifth owner of the Phoenix Book Shop in New York’s Greenwich Village. full story here…

Seeing Shelley Plain

3 thoughts on “Seeing Shelley Plain by R. Wilson”

  1. Gee thanks for the kind words, Bruce. Glad to see someone other than my mom reads the old book blog. Seeing Shelley Plain was a good account of heady literary days in New York City and if one is really into poetry, I think the book will be even more enjoyable. Thanks for the link.

    -Rachel, The Book Trout

  2. I’m the one to be thankful, I love finding out about these great books. Wish I could find more of them.

    And thanks for coming by!

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