Online Classified Sites are for Finding Buyers.

In the ‘I wish I had thought of this one department’ comes a great tip from our friends at The Bytown Bookshop Blog.

While using online classified sites like Kijiji to get some free advertising why not search for some buyers.

Most folk are just looking for schoolbooks or freebies, but lo and behold there were a few people looking to buy books to fill sets or add to collections. I shot a quick e-mail off to one gentleman noting that we had 3 volumes in a sci-fi/fantasy series he was reading and not an hour or two later he responded and asked me to set them aside. First thing Saturday morning he was in to pick them up and was so pleased with us for contacting him and setting the books aside, he actually gave me a generous tip after paying! Read the full post here…

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  1. Many thanks for the nod and adding a couple of our posts to your tips category. Your site has been wonderful in giving us info, tips, tricks and ideas to better manage our stock and sales. I’m glad we could contribute to the information sharing and keep up the good work.


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