If you are a Canadian bookseller and still using the Post Office you're crazy.

Shipping rates through Canada Post are ludicrous. If you are a recognized bookseller you are eligible for fairly substantial savings through the Canadian Booksellers Association. The association has worked out a deal with Canpar courier that gives us reduced rates and the reductions are substantial. A typical regional delivery with Canada Post will cost close to $7.00 while the Canpar rates are between $4.00 and $6.00, multiply that out by a few books a day and your bottom line will start to feel it. Non-regional packages can cost over $10.00 but with Canpar only around $6.50. Of course you need to be a dues paying member of the CBA but it’s a small percentage of what you’ll save and it will go towards a clear voice for our industry.

3 thoughts on “If you are a Canadian bookseller and still using the Post Office you're crazy.”

  1. I think “crazy” is a bit harsh. Each bookseller uses the shipping service that is best for their business whether it be Canpar or Canada Post. It also depends where you live (in a small town/village or in a major city) and the size of your business, which shipping company you will use. I do not believe that I am “crazy” for using Canada Post, as I want to support my small town post office, rather than support a private company and then have my community post office close.

  2. Thanks for your comment Debra, good points. Crazy was just to get reader’s attention, you’re right that each seller will have a different situation. In our case our local Canada Post is run by a private company and to give them money that could otherwise be used to by better books would be crazy, but that’s just my situation. We also tend to have more choices than smaller communities. Good luck with your shop.

  3. Hello,

    I read in your article above, that if I was a member of the CBA and a “recognized bookseller” that I would be eligible for savings through Canpar.

    I am interested in becoming a member of CBA but am unclear what would be required in order to be concidered a “recognized bookseller”.

    When I contacted Canpar they would not help me unless I provided them with the ‘name of my business’. (I am wanting to ship my newly published book from my home adrs).

    I look forward to hearing from you,

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