Have you Created your Pastafarianism section yet?

Seasonal religious displays – Pastafarianism

Lots of bookstores have a Christian fiction section, how many have a Pastafarianism section? In some areas it may be a good idea to have a section devoted to another religion rather than lumping it into the “other” section. Often you’ll see sections devoted to Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, or general “eastern religions”.

If you don’t have enough books to make it a standard section, so you may just want to do a display around the appropriate holiday when interest peaks. Here you can see a seasonal display aimed as unusual group, the Pastafarians:

Pastafarian section in a Bookstore

This Pastafarian display pretty well hits the key points of a seasonal display.

  • Food for the celebration – pasta & beer in this case

  • History and biographies of notable members of the religion- pirates being the best choice for Pastafarians

  • Items related to the religious tenants- thus the books on evolution, the US Constitution, satire, skepticism, and global warming

  • A festive decoration- candy and pirates go together

You can use that basic list to set up a similar display to appeal to your local religious community. Make sure to set your display up at least two weeks before the holiday. For Pastafarians, you’ll want thins set up for April 1st and September 19th.

If you really want to go the extra mile, consider setting up a special holiday page featuring your selections. You can see an example of a holiday page.

For more info on Pastafarianism, be sure to visit The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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[editor’s note: ** If any of you decide to set this up your own Pastafarianism section or have seen anything like it in a Book Store please let me know in a comment. We would love to add more photos. Your photo will be added with a nice link to your website!]

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  1. Pastafarian? What a crazy idea! I loved it. Although I first thought that you simply misspelled Rastafarianism.
    I would really like to see some people try out things like this and get some real reactions from people who stumble upon Pastafarianism section (or something similar) in their local bookstore. Great post. I bookmarked your blog and I’m coming back for more.

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